We have a lot of Boston, MA screenings to report, so here goes:
  • Happy Endings: The Independent Film Festival of Boston invites you to a special screening to be held on Monday, July 11th at 7:00pm at the Kendall Square Cinema. If you wish to attend, please rsvp your acceptance and whether or not you will be bringing a guest to screening@iffboston.org by 2:00pm on Monday, July 11th. You will receive a confirmation email when you are added to the list.
  • 5x2: EdgeBoston is giving you a chance to win a pass for two.
  • Bad News Bears: Edge is giving away tickets for a screening to take place the week of July 22nd. Giveaway will be awarded on July 17, 2005.
  • Murderball: Edge is giving you a chance to win tickets to an advance screening.
  • Stealth: Edge is giving you the chance to win tickets to a screening. Winners MUST be available to claim their prizes at the EDGE "Stealth" Party at Club Cafe on Friday, July 15th. Winners must be able to present themselves to the EDGE staff between 9PM-11PM. No prizes will be mailed to winners.Check your email on July 13th! All event prizes will be awarded then. *NOTE* Club Cafe is a gay club/restaurant.
  • Broken Flowers: Enter to win tickets to a screening sometime in August.
  • Happy Endings: Enter to win tickes to a screening at the AMC Fenway Theatre on Wednesday, July 13th.
NOTE: We are not the ones holding the contests or giving away the tickets, we're just providing you with the information. Have fun and good luck. Thanks to ixtennyoxi, and BSCfor contributions.
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