A woman who threatened to "slice [Catherine Zeta-Jones] up and feed [her] to the dogs" was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday. The 34-year-old Dawnette Knights pleaded no contest to allegations that she stalked and threatened Zeta-Jones, the wife of Michael Douglas, on whom Knight admitted to having a "girlish crush". By "girlish", she apparently meant "violent and psychotic" - according to a statement by Zeta-Jones read in court on Friday, Knight's letters "had references to some of the most horrific crimes of the century. She was going to 'blow my brains out like J.F.K.' ... She was going to slice me up 'like (Charles) Manson did to Sharon Tate.'" She also alleged that Cathy was a goldigger, and that she's been carrying on an affair with George Clooney to boot - charges to which the Oscar winner had no comment.
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