Quick - what do Steve McQueen and Eddie Murphy have in common? Bullitt and the Beverly Hills Cop both succumbed to tragic virus that The Independent's Sean Macaulay has monikered, "Hollywooditis". It's an affliction that often strikes stars who experience some kind of overnight or surprise success. Peter Bogdanovich, the classic example, became such a pill after The Last Picture Show, that Billy Wilder snarked that the "champagne corks were popping and the flags were waving all over town" the day his first film flopped. After he was nominated for an Oscar in 1994 for his work in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Leonardo DiCaprio admitted that he "actually thought [his] acting had altered the course of history." The article is full of great stories - inccluding one about blogebrity Wil Wheaton, who is said to have been such a jerk during his Star Trek: The Next Generation  days that "it took two years to apologise to everyone."
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