When most people turn twenty-something, they are full of spit and vinegar and ready to take on the world. Does that description fit Cinematical editor Karina Longworth? (pictured right) Well, let's see. She often brags about the fact that her job can be done "without getting out of bed." When the lights in her apartment recently went out, her response was to try living in darkness. Bringing me back a T-shirt from Live 8 was such a chore for her that it required numerous e-mail exchanges, and I still never got the shirt. But everyone has hidden talents, and Karina is gifted with a preternatural sense she calls "The Nerding," which allows her to effortlessly traffic cop the light-speed detritus that litters the cinformation highway. Every morning at exactly 8am, after having a heady bowl of boysenberry oatmeal, she slips on a Nintendo power glove and starts editing and shuffling posts around on the giant, floating computer interface in her living room. After that’s done, it’s off to deliver suitcases full of "don’t ask" for a studio publicist she refers to as "Leroy," in exchange for the hope of getting on the list for Must Love Dogs screenings. All in a day’s work.

Happy birthday, Karina.