ffflamesFriday night, another one of 2005's expected "blockbuster" movies hit the scene as Fantastic Four made its way into theaters, apparently in a big way. It's not tough to see why the numbers came out like they did, considering the normally fairly overcrowed multiplex I attend was pretty much a fire hazard from start to finish in the lobby - although I'm surprised that anyone at the later screenings actually went to see the flick, considering what the crowds were stating on the way out the door, passing in front of the theatergoers-to-come.

This was one of those movies that if you go to see it realizing that it's just sci-fi meets action meets comic book heroes, then you weren't too disappointed. It had all the requisite special effects, had a decent amount of stardom in Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and company, and was enjoyable if you dig comic book stories. Unfortunately, if you've watched the three trailers and any number of television commercials, then you've probably seen a good portion of the jokes and action. But don't let that shy you away from hitting the stadium seating or anything.