Bill and TedI still contend that Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is a good movie. The sequel (Bogus Journey), not so much. Alex Winter, who played Ted, is doing press promoting the dvd release of the cult film Freaks, a movie he directed in 1993. The possibility of a third Bill and Ted film has come up and Winter admits that Keanu Reeves had an idea for a script that "fixes on the characters as middle-aged rocker has-beens." But Winter's so-so on the idea: "I don't know. I go back and forth, but usually forth. It depends on so many factors.

Winter and Reeves remain friends, and would love to work together again: "He and I had a lot of fun working together. I think we both miss working together." We hang out a lot but we haven’t shot anything together in a long time." So Bill and Ted fans shouldn't give up hope yet, Winter says "I think eventually we’ll work together in something, whether it’s that or something else."
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