In an article (actually, more of a rant-icle) in yesterday's Los Angeles Times Calendar section, Govindini Murty - "actress, screenwriter and co-director of the [conservative] Liberty Film Festival" - has some advice for "Hollywood's ruling liberal elites", in regards to ending the much-bickered-over box office slump. "Hollywood could turn things around," Murty writes, "but that might mean tolerating films with pro-conservative themes." Murty contends that whilst "liberals are out of ideas and have to resort to endless sequels and remakes," she and other conservative friends with "new ideas aren't allowed into the mix." She backs this latter claim up by relating a script note she recieved on a project about "the realities of Islamo-fascism" with jaw-to-the-floor incredulity: "[C]reative executives ... wanted us to 'explain the terrorists' motivations more.'"

So is Murty an innocent victim of a widespread ideological blacklist? Or could she just have maybe written a better script?