Dark Water begins on the ground floor with a familiar nightmare - trying to find affordable living space in New York - and like the crumbling, ramshackle elevator that provides many of the movie’s tense moments, it steadily rises into more pervasive, deeper-rooted fears. At its core, this movie is about that intangible thing called "keeping it together," and how it can get harder and harder, as more and more of your life is devoted to plugging leaks.

I would venture to guess that most people won’t be expecting something skillful and engaging that comes in a box marked "Japanese horror remake." I found Gore Verbinski’s The Ring to be so flavorless and insipid that I nearly walked out of the theater; I wouldn’t go see The Ring 2 if the screening were held at the Playboy Mansion. But maybe this is further proof that anything can be spun into gold if you have the right director.

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