Fantastic Four
C.K.'s rating: 6.5 out of 10

I saw the Fantastic Four last night, and while it wasn't fantastic, I have to disagree with Peter and say that it was better than I expected. I think to properly look at this film you have to look at it in comparison to the comic book upon which it is based, and comparatively alongside all the other superhero movies that Hollywood has been spewing forth in the past decade or so.

Peter faults the movie for being somewhat of a goofy comedy, but that perfectly falls in line with the cheesy humor that flows throughout the Fantastic Four comic books series. There are serious dramatic moments, but there is a lot of slapstick humor bouncing between the Thing and the Torch in the comic books (and this is one of the reasons that it was never a favorite read of mine growing up). So, I thought the comedy aspects of the movie were a strength, a good throwback to the comic book that will play well to its fans. Things that struck me as very unlike the comic book, and thus weaknesses: Ben's acceptance of his fate as the Thing for the Hollywood happy ending and Reed Richards' "clueless genius" status falls far short of the real genius of Reed Richards in the comic book.

Now let's look at the movie in the continuum of Hollywooded superhero movies. Read after the jump for more...

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