Warner Bros. likes to visit the Chicago-area theaters to test their Harry Potter films. Well, they're back again with Harry's latest, Goblet of Fire, and AICN has a test screening report. The story centers around Harry and his involvement in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. HornTail says there's an "awesome scene" which he calls "a Jurassic Park version of Quidditch." He also says this film has more heartfelt moments that "pull at your heart strings." The movie is more grown up and dark, and probably the best of the series thus far.

The other two reviewers seemed to enjoy it less, probably because they were comparing it to the book. But Phoebe C. admits that director Mike Newell "changes the sequence of some events in ways that really improves the tension."

Nu Guy complains that there are some serious pacing issues, and felt you needed to have read the book to understand what was going on at some points. He didn't seem to like the film as much, saying it's "not nearly as good as the last three films, but still better than a lot of stuff out there, at least this summer."

You can read all three reviews at the link below.