• War of the Worlds continues to own the world box office - it made $60.1 million this week, to bring its total overseas gross to $201 million in just 12 days. Fantastic Four only managed to scrape up $16 million internationally this weekend - but that was still good enough for second place.
  • Jim Sheridan has signed to direct an Irish Mafia film called Emerald City for Relevant Entertainment - after he finishes the 50 Cent movie, Get Rich or Die Tryin'.
  • British cinemas lost at least $500,000, and as much as $850,000, on Thursday in the aftermath of the rush-hour bombings in London. Experts are predicting that the city will face a major box office slump over the next few weeks, as residents of outlying areas will likely want to avoid taking public transportation into London in order to go to the movies.
  • Agents Jason Heyman and Martin Lasak have left UTA for CAA; it's unclear which of their clients, who include Dave Chappelle, Will Ferrell and Amanda Bynes, will follow them to the new agency.
  • These pictures from the allegedly disasterous Fantastic Fourpremiere show one thing conclusively: Jessica Biel has a really awful new haircut.
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