Remember how Francis Ford Coppola was concerned that the Godfather video game would reduce his mafia masterpiece to a machine gun tutorial? Seth Scheisel, the New York Times' videogame reporter (yes, they have one), has filed an investigation. Electronic Arts' General Manager insists the studio is aware of the risks they take in adapting such an iconic title: "We want to show that you can make a great game that stands on its own merits that also draws from such a rich book and movie like The Godfather," reads his PR shpiel. But Coppola is still pissed. "The game has taken the work we all did on the film, and transformed it into a 'kill and be killed' slaughter session," he wrote in an email to Scheisel - and, judging by some of the images available on the article's associated audio slide show, he isn't not right. But shallow violence is just sort of the nature of the beast - could EAreally have adapted The Godfather in any way that would have matched the emotional complexities of Coppola's film?
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