The IslandScarlett Johansson told SCI FI Wire that she had her share of injury scares while filming Michael Bay's science fiction thriller The Island, including almost losing an eye while shooting a stunt sequence involving a Wasp, a flying motorcycle. "That was fun."

She also had a "permanently" black-and-blue knee. "That was pretty gross," she said. "What happened was I fell to my knees, and in that instance I was like, 'Oh, that hurt so badly!' I had to keep crawling, because the scene is so organized." It was one of those scenes with lots of extras, stunt drivers, and SFX set-ups. "It takes 20 minutes to put it all back to place. The first [assistant director] is screaming at everybody to get in their places, and you just can't take that time. So you just kind of go through it in agony."

In another sequence, Johansson dangled from a 30-foot-high letter 'R' with McGregor holding on to her. "Ewan was so freaked out that I was going to fall that my knuckles were bleeding from his fingernails," Johansson said. "I'm saying, 'Why are you still holding me? I'm attached to this harness.' And he was like, 'I can't let go. It's my human instinct. You're going to fall!'"
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