• Million Dollar Baby: Clint Eastwood puts Hilary Swank through hell in last year's multi-Oscar-winner. It's kind of like watercolor sketch of a Lars Von Trier film: all of the emotional manipulation, but none of the jokes. Two versions come out today; one is ultra-deluxe and includes a disc with the film's soundtrack.
  • Mondovino: Former New York City sommelier Jonathan Nossitier conflates oenophilia with globalization with passion, if not necessarily tact. Read a great interview with the director here.
  • State Property 2: Damon Dash continues to expand his empire with his third directorial effort.
  • A Very Long Engagement: More coloring book whimsy from Audrey Tatou and Jean-Pierre Jeunet - this time with Jodie Foster and just a *touch* of historical revisionism added to the mix.
  • Cry-Baby- The Director's Cut: I predict that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will end up being the worst decision that Johnny Depp has ever made. Whether I'm right or not, now seems like as good a time as any to catch up with this - essentially a John Waters remake of Bye Bye Birdie and one of Depp's best.
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