Richard Linklater's revisitation of The Bad News Bears is coming out next week. Let's look to TIME magazine's great profile of the 44-year-old director for the top four reasons to love him:

  1. He wishes he were Vincente Minnelli. Linklater explains his wanton genre-skipping (from The Newton Boys to Waking Life?) thusly: "I would have loved to have been a '40s studio director ... You ended up with a real diverse career."
  2. He populates his films with non-pro kids. For School of Rock, Linklater steered away from child actors and cast mostly band-geek real kids. Bears came together in much the same way: "You can't teach a kid to throw in three weeks," he says. "You get a baseball player who can be herself."
  3. He can convince even Winona Ryder to work for scale ... which she did, in order to keep the budget of A Scanner Darkly down to just $3 million.
  4. He counts Terrence Malick as a close personal friend. That just sort of speaks for itself.

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