In the second case today of a company called AMC exercising questionable policy, AMC Theaters has decided not to show Paul Provenza's Sundance-rocking comedy documentary The Aristocrats on any of its screens. The film, about the world's dirtiest joke, is being released by ThinkFilm without a rating; despite its dicey subject matter, AMC is the only chain the distributor approached that has declined to pick the film up. AMC insists that their decision was based on the size of the film and not its content - and, to their credit, they've not shied away from showing controversial films (such as Inside Deep Throat) in the past. But ThinkFilm insists that there is some kind of value-based censorship at play. "AMC has some very strategic theaters that we'd like to access," CEO Jeff Sackman told Reuters. "The real problem is somebody is deciding on a personal basis what's appropriate and what isn't." The film opens - on a Loews screen - in New York on June 29.
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