Production is about to resume this Friday on What We Do Is Secret, Rodger Grossman's biopic on Darby Crash and the rest of the legendary LA punk band, The Germs. The troubled son of a Scientologist (anything for spillover Tom Cruise Google juice at this point), Crash started the Germs in 1976 with guitarist Pat Smear (who later joined Nirvana). After releasing one record and earning a reputation as a shambolic frontman, Crash died of an intentional heroin overdose in 1980. Secret, Grossman's debut, will star Bijou Philips, Lukas Haas, Victor Rasuk (as Smear) and Shane West (as Crash). After several scenes were shot last year, the film was delayed indefinitely. But earlier this month a teaser trailer surfaced (it's since been taken off the web, but a bunch of cranky punk fans rip it to shreds here), followed by reports that the production was casting a wide net for punk rock extras. They're now looking for actual musicians to play various members of bands such as X and Black Flag, as well as a Joan Jett lookalike. If you fit any of the above bills, you can contact Carol Grant Casting, but you should probably get on it quick. Because that sound you hear? It's the stampede of girls with long bangs making their way from Avenue A to the casting office.
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