TransformeBad news for Transformer fans: looks like they're taking a more human angle to the big screen adaptation. Screenwriter Alex Kurtzman told Scifiwire, "It's a movie franchise based on a toy line, so the first question you have to ask yourself is, 'Well, what's the movie?'"

Kurtzman sat down with executive producer Steven Spielberg and asked him what the movie should be about. And he said, "'It's the story of a boy and his car. I want to bring back the old Amblin movies.' I went, 'Oh, my God, Back to the Future. Great. We're in.'"

Kurtzman says that for the movie to work, the audience must be invested in the people. "If you start Transformers with giant robots sitting in a spaceship flying through space, your movie is dead in the water. So it's all about keeping it at a human level and seeing the amazing things that are going on through the eyes of your characters."
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