Sometimes - admittedly, not often, but sometimes - even *I* get tired of making snarky comments about celebrities and want to actually watch a good movie. And at a time like this when everyone's so down on Hollywood and what they've been trying to pass off as quality content of late, I think it's important for us to pow-wow occasionally, if just to remind one another that movie watching is still a worthwhile activity.

I've seen a handful of great stuff the past week, but I got most excited about George Cukor's It Should Happen To You, starring Judy Holliday, Jack Lemmon and Peter Lawford. Holliday is my favorite mid-century dizzy blonde; she's something like a Brooklyn-born Reese Witherspoon with the enthusiasm just barely turned down, and the underlying intelligence turned up. Here she plays Gladys, a gal so desperate to "make a name for herself" that she buys a billboard for the sole purpose of putting that name on it. Of course, she becomes the toast of Manhattan - and, of course, her boyfriend Jack Lemmon can't quite handle it.

So: what's the last great film you saw?
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