Where is Preston Sturges when we need him? In a scene straight out of Sullivan's Travels, the LA Times' Patrick Goldstein talks to a couple of movie executives - New Line production chief Toby Emmerich, and Dreamworks marketing exec Terry Press - about the problem of pre-feature in-theater advertising. By the way both Press and Emmerich describe recent experiences at the cineplex, it's like they expect us to believe they had no idea the ad situation was so bad. Actually, Emmerich even uses those words: "I love seeing a movie with a big crowd. But I had no idea how many obnoxious ads I'd have to endure — it really drove me crazy." To be fair, it's also clear from their testimonies that a night amongst the rabble is so rare for high-level industry people, it's almost become an absurdist novelty. Which is all the more reason to suggest that all executives should really experience how bad it is in order to fully understand what the so-called slump is all about.
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