• Owen Wilson will star in Mark Waters' long-percolating remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Wilson's Mitty will still suffer from near-crippling daydreams, but this time he falls for a bank robber's daughter.
  • In other Wilson Brother news, Luke will star opposite Uma Thurman in Ivan Reitman's Super Ex, about a female superhero who, dumped by her non-super boyfriend, uses her superpowers to enact superrevenge.
  • "Decorated military veteran" and first time scriptwriter Jerry Griffin is writing a picture based on the true life story of Maurice "Termite" Watkins, a former boxer/US military exterminator (no, seriously - he killed bugs) hired to coach an Iraqi Olympic boxer.
  • The Toronto Film Festival is amassing quite a lineup, including the world premieres of Pride and Prejudice (starring Kiera Knightley) and Curtis Hanson's In Her Shoes, and the North American premiere of John Madden's Proof.
  • According to Justin Chang, with The Island, "Michael Bay takes on the weighty moral conundrums of human cloning, resolving them in a storm of bullets, car chases and more explosions than you can shake a syringe at."
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