• Tom CruiseTom Cruise spent $10,000 for a meal to celebrate his 43rd birthday earlier this month. Cruise recruited chefs from around the world to cook for his guests on board a yacht owned by the Church of Scientology.
  • Nicole Kidman says that her marriage to Cruise wrecked long term friendships because her husband was so private. She tells Glamour magazine: "Part of me shut down, put up barriers and became very insular. It was very hard to keep friendships alive during that period." Since the couple split in 2001, Kidman has rediscovered her childhood friends.
  • Cruise bought Dakota Fanning a mobile phone for her 11th birthday: She says, "My mom and dad wouldn't let me have a cell phone but Tom got me one for my birthday! It's really funny, 'cause on my cell phone I pretend that I'm on the phone when I'm not and I'll pretend that I have messages when I'm just out on the street." I'm not sure about you guys but that girl freaks me out. And now we learn she walks down the street pretending to talk on the phone... weird, very weird.
  • Kidman says she's disappointed her daughter Isabella is so against femininity. She's always encouraging her to dress like a proper girl: "She won't go near a dress. She thinks I'm too girlie."
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