You can send a movie star to Sacramento, but you can't take the back-end deal-brokering spirit out of the movie star. Governor/fallen action idol/former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently signed on to an $8 million "consulting job" with a national publisher of fitness magazines just two days before being sworn into gubernatorial office. The finer points of the issue, renumerated in this LA Times article, are best broken down via list:

  • As a consultant on a five-year contract, Schwarzenegger was paid to "further the business objectives" of the company and their publications, most of which are supported by advertising revenue from the health supplement industry.
  • Schwarzenegger's contract stipulates that he earns 1% of that advertising revenue, an amount that will, "in no event", total less than $1 million per year.
  • Schwarzenegger "writes" a monthly column for one of the magazines in question, Muscle & Fitness. In his June column, he "vowed to oppose any effort to restrict sales of the products in California, writing that he is 'so energized to fight any attempt to limit the availability of nutritional supplements.'"
  • In 2004, the Governor vetoed legislation that would have imposed tighter governmental restrictions on said supplement industry.

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