• Fox and Dreamworks are the only studios who will not make major presentations at this weekend's Comic Con in San Diego. In fact, the whole even has gone so very Hollywood that, as Ben Fritz writes, "Comicbook publishers such as DC and Marvel will be there as well, but they take up less and less space and time at an event that is now about them more in name than substance."
  • Former and/or sometime movies stars earning Emmy nominations this morning include: James Spader (Boston Legal), Kiefer Sutherland (24), Geoffrey Rush (The Life and Death of Peter Sellars), Glenn Close (The Shield), and Halle Berry (Their Eyes Were Watching God).
  • Michael Bay describes the way he works with writers: "I literally tell the writers, 'When you're writing the script I want you -- when you come to an action scene -- to just put "action," and I'll fill in the blanks.'"
  • Peter Berg is set to direct an adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Bran Mak Morn for Universal. Howard is the creator of Conan the Barbarian, and though Bran is "lesser known", it is apparently "comparable in scope". The project will be shppherded by Working Title, the production company behind virtually every Hugh Grant film.
  • Lisa Kudrow, who has made two films with Don Roos, explains why she keeps coming back: "Don seems to really respect women. Whatever choices they make, he seeks a justification for everything a woman does, which is nice. You feel a great love for the women in a Don Roos script."
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