• Huge stuff going on at Paramount: After Robert G. Friedman's departure earlier this week, Brad Grey has tapped Revolution Studios' Rob Moore to become Paramount's president of worldwide marketing and distribution. Moore is the second exec to leave Revolution this year, which might make it difficult for the boutique to broker a new distribution deal with Sony.
  • Fox's Summer 2006 tentpole is going to be a dragon movie starring John Malkovich. No comment.
  • Mike Newell, director of the latest Harry Potter movie, and most romantic comedies starring Hugh Grant, is making a Western. The picture, scripted by John Millius, follows "a Native American ex-Marine bounty hunter sent to recover the missing horse of a rich American's mistress."
  • Will Smith and Blair Underwood have lent their support to The Momentum Experience, a new initiative that will distribute African-American indies to non-traditional venues. Momentum films - the first of which, The Seat Filler,starts screening this month - will forgo movie theaters entirely for highly hyped one-night stands in concert theaters and playhouses.
  • Johnny Rosenthal has sold a comedy pitch to Paramount called The Pilot, about a flight captain who is forced to become a flight attendent tolearn "gender sensitivity" after an incident of sexual harassment. Is that the kind of community service Christian Slater turned down - were they going to force him to spend three days as, like, George Clooney's personal assistant? The mind reels...
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