It's been 14 years since Budweiser last got into bed with a studio. Now, for the first time since  contributing major sponsorship to Ron Howard's Backdraft (Backdraft?!?), Budweiser is partnering with a studio on a major film promotion. And can you guess which one? Jim Schumaker, Bud's VP of Creative Development, says it best: "Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn's characters could be taken straight from a Budweiser commercial." Yep - Wedding Crashers is the new Backdraft. So what does this mean? Aside from minor product placement in the film (and what's a wedding without beer?), Crashers director David Dobkin has put together two Bud commercials featuring footage from the film. In one, a guy shows his friend footage of the film as a wedding-crashing training exercise; in another, a gaggle of girls are shown similar footage, as a lesson on how to deal with this particular species of suitor. The weirdest part of the promotions package? A "special paint scheme promoting the movie on Budweiser's No. 8 car in two NASCAR races this month."
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