Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell says Hollywood is "creatively bankrupt." At a Comic-Con question and answer session, the cult actor went through the list of films that came out this summer, deconstructing each one. "First of all, every A-movie is a now a B-movie," he said. According to Campbell, any movie that relies on costumes and aliens falls into the B-movie category.
  • On War of the Worlds: He complained that the idea was tired, "every 50 years they do something with that idea."
  • On Batman Begins: "Well, this was a good one. It took 'em five tries."
  • On Bewitched: "Hollywood has a file drawer 30 years deep."
He urged the crowd not to support the "same horsesh*t you're getting out of Hollywood." Tounge in cheek, he added, "Except Sky High," which he stars in. He then went on a tirade refering to the MPAA's decisions as "stupid" and "embarrassing." "The MPAA can kiss my ass so hard it can come out the other side." He questioned why it was wrong that violence is much more acceptable than nudity on television: "You can shoot a boobie, but you can't kiss it."
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