Jump Tribe"I hate PG-13 horror movies! Give me back my puking children!" Novelist and Horrormaster Clive Barker proclaimed slamming his fist into the table. Barker along with toy maker Art Asylum has revealed a new plush toy line to show off at this week's San Diego Comic-Con. The Jump Tribe toys will hit store shelves later this year, packaged with original stories written by Barker about the individual creatures. Barker also shared some information about a few horror film projects he is working on:
  • Midnight MeatTrain revolves around a photographer's search for a subway serial killer. The movie is being directed by Independence Day's Patrick Tatopoulous, and is being partly filmed in New York.
  • The Plague centers around a group of teens that emerge from mysterious comas and turn on their parents. It's being filmed in Winnepeg.
  • The Scarlet Gospels is a new 500-page book he's writing about "a man with pins in his head." The author says the book is a collection of erotic text and illustrations.
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