GreenlightWho knew there was an Australian Project Greenlight and didn't tell me? Colin Friels (Darkman, Dark City) and Bruce Spence (Star Wars Episode III) will star in the Australian Project Greenlight movie, Solo. Writer/director Morgan O’Neill script recently won Movie Extra’s 'Project Greenlight Australia' $1 million filmmaker competition. Colin Friels will star as Barrett, an enforcer who works for a group of businessmen known as “The Gentlemen”, who operate within the Sydney Underworld. Barrett needs to get out of the game, which is, of course, easier said than done. The movie will begin filming in Sydney later this month and will also star Bojana Novakovic (Marking Time), Angie Milliken (MDA), and Linal Haft (Soft Fruit). The finished film will get a theatrical release before screening on Movie Extra.
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