Corpse BrideDirector Tim Burton sent a video greeting along with a clip from his new stop-motion animation film The Corpse Bride. The lengthy clip, which made its debut at the convention, revolves around Victor (voiced by Johnny Depp) rehearsing his wedding vows the day before his wedding. His role-playing in the forest has the unintended effect of waking the Corpse Bride, a dead woman left at the altar by a man a long time ago. The Bride's convinced that Victor is her new true love, and pursues him. Bonejangles, a beatnik, jazz-singing skeleton (voiced by Danny Elfman) and his band of bony jazz blowers tell Victor the legend of the Corpse Bride. This musical sequence is one of four musical numbers in the film.

Quint at AICN writes "This musical number isn't as instantly classic as the best songs in A Nightmare Before Christmas, but it's really damn catchy and the scat that Bonejangles does is just awesome."
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