• The Wedding CrashersWedding Crashers: Roger gives it a thumbs down, saying "Walken is never really used...the grandmother's obscenities at the table just didn't work...a sea of unfunny stuff." But Richard disagrees completely, saying it has "more laughs per minute than any film released this year."
  • Murderball: Roger says: "thumbs up...not simply a sports story but an inspiring story." Richard agrees, saying it's a "great documentary...brilliant...I'm sure it's going to be nominated for an Academy Award."
  • Saraband: Roger calls it "one of the best films of the year." Richard loved it too, saying it's "a great film...compared to the crap [movies] we see it's like a different medium."
  • The Bad News Bears: they both liked it. Roger liked how Billy Bob Thornton is sort of doing a different take on his Friday Night Lights role, while Richard says "a much better remake of a 70s film than The Longest Yard."
  • Happy Endings: A split decision. Roger gives it "a close thumbs down...Maggie Gyllenhaal and Tom Arnold are terrific...[but] some of the people are just not worth paying attention to."
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