• It was only a matter of time before Alexander's great loins were conquered by ... a Playboy playmate and a reel of carelessly misplaced miniDV? So be it. Page Six, Defamer and others are reporting that some guy is trying to sell a Colin Farrell sex tape, but can't unless the Daredevil star signs a release. But doesn't he seem like the kind of guy that'd totally be into it?
  • Star magazine, claiming that Angelina Jolie's most recent "heroic" adoption wasn't quite that, published photos of a woman they labelled as the birth grandmother of the newly-christened Zahara Jolie. Now, as our own Blogging Baby reports, the adoption agency that brokered the transaction has confirmed that the photos published by Star are not of the baby's birth relative. Developing ...
  • Owen Wilson is looking for a wife. His plan? Apparently, marriage-minded girls love it when you "express an interest in movies like Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias and Ghost."
  • Cheers to aging starlets robbing the blue-collar cradle! Sandra Bullock has reportedly married her hunky, slightly-younger boyfriend, mechanic/Monster Garage host Jesse James.
  • It'll be a Cold Mountain at Jude Law's house tonight (ha ha): The Oscar nominee has issued a public apology to fiancee Sienna Miller, after a former nanny admitted to having an on-again, off-again affair with the star. Sienna, baby - you're, like, not even my age. Get out while you can.

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