Filmmaker Roman Polanski gave emotional testimony this morning, via video feed from France, in a libel trial against Vanity Fair magazine currently underway in British court. As we've renumerated before, Polanski is suing the publishers of the magazine over an article that claimed he was seen in New York hitting on babes en route to his wife Sharon Tate's funeral, and that he even wooed one bombshell with the killer (no pun intended) line, "I'll turn you into another Sharon Tate."

"This was the worst thing ever written about me. It's obvious that it's not true," he told the jury today. "It was particularly hurtful because it dishonoured my memory of Sharon. I think it is truly shocking." Polanski admitted under cross examination that he had cheated on Tate while they were married (she was eight-and-a-half-months pregnant with their child at the time of her murder at the hands of followers of Charles Manson), and even acknowleged that he slept with another woman a month after Tate's death. But as far as the alleged Swedish babe incident, Polanski maintains, "It just never happened."

This is what I think:
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