Wow - that was quick. It was just last Thursday that we - like everyone else in the blogosphere, after an item in the Los Angeles Times - reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed and $8 million "consulting" contract with a major publisher of fitness magazines, and thus essentially excepting money from the same health industry advertisers that he was simulataneously drafting legislation to protect. The Governator has now apparently backed out of that deal, after much criticism that the contract constituted a major conflict of interest now that he is, theoretically, the top politician in the State of California.

Though not exactly admitting any wrongdoing, Arnold told the AP, "I don't want to be paid ... The decision is to discontinue the relationship we have now.'' Pundits the web over are applauding the guy for backing down as soon as he did, but come on - why did the guy get in this position in the first place?

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