So much for last weekend's idiotic LA Times piece about Hollywoood's bent against Christian values - Waxy says, God is making a comeback.

"Mainstream Hollywood, after decades of ignoring the pious," writes Sharon Waxman in today's New York Times, "is adjusting to what it perceives to be a rising religiosity in American culture." She gets several execs to acknowlege that the phenomena of The Passion of the Christ had an impact in getting Hollywood to notice the faith-based demographic - but before any God-fearering Americans start getting too excited, let's keep things in perspective. "There's definitely more of an awareness, but it's just another group to be marketed to, albeit a very strong one, with incredible grass-roots tentacles," said Russell Schwartz, theatrical marketing of New Line Cinema. Universal's Marc Schmuger is more direct about the way audience ideology dictates movie content: "In every fashion, you need to customize your message to your audience."

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