Excerpts from the Reverse Shot IM "review" of The Wedding Crashers:

robbiefreeling (12:14:54): Yes, everyone who's coming all over the Kurt Cobain pile of turd this weekend: please remember, Gus Van Sant brilliantly reimagined Norman Bates as...jacking off while looking through the peephole
robbiefreeling (12:15:09): he literalized the metaphor, get it??!!
Filmenthusiast2000 (12:15:32): Filling in the blanks of classic cinema, by Gus Van Sant and Todd Haynes
Filmenthusiast2000 (12:16:28): Because repressed homosexuality NEVER cropped up in Hollywood's Golden Age before Far From Heaven
Filmenthusiast2000 (12:16:47): Just as 9 Songs invented sex on the screen
robbiefreeling (12:17:37): It's come to the point where i greatly distrust almost every representation of sex onscreen....i wish i could classify that as strictly hetero, but since I have no option....
robbiefreeling (12:17:51): i guess I'll have to wait for the John Cameron Mitchell movie
Filmenthusiast2000 (12:18:03): Oh fucking Jesus.

And you thought you hated it when we did the IM thing ... okay: discuss.

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