Christopher Doyle, the man responsible for giving Wong Kar Wai's films that lush, oversaturated, slightly off-kilter look, is perhaps the world's only living rock star cinematographer. Doyle is known as guy who does everything with sackloads of style and an emphasis on excess, and everyone's talking about the reputation-cementing interview he gave the Observer's Gaby Wood. Here are some choice soundbytes from the man who legendarily drank a bottle and a half of whiskey on the set of Temptress Moon ... every day.

  • On his most recent, and probably final collaboration with Wong Kar-Wai: "I feel that 2046 is unnecessary, in retrospect. I think probably Wong Kar-Wai realised that somewhere, and that's why it took so long."
  • Did Doyle go to the movies much growing up? "In Australia? No, you go to the movies to f*ck!'
  • "In my world, talent is an insult. If you say, "Where is the talent?", you mean "Where is the stupid bitch?"
  • Only the subject of Quentin Tarantino renders Doyle speechless, and even then, only for a minute: "Have you ever met Tarantino? You think I talk a lot - he never lets you get a word in edgeways!'
  • What's the "most useful phrase" he can say in Chinese? It translates to "You stupid c*nt." "It's a term of endearment," he insists.
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