I started graduate school at NYU in September 2003, and that semester it seemed like every other day, another student jumped out of or off of a building. I'm not being glib: there were six student suicides that year. New York-based artist/filmmaker Adario Strange has now made a documentary about those events. Here's an excerpt from the press release that landed in my inbox a couple of days ago:

"Part investigative report, part sociological exploration, the film takes us from the secret history of New York City, to the insides of college life in the most famous city in the world, to the streets of Japan (where suicide is nearing epidemic proportions), to the halls of Harvard and its best minds, and finally, into the world of multi-national pharmaceutical companies working to combat clinical depression ­ and how their methods sometimes backfire, with tragic results."

According to the film's website an "exclusive engagement" of The NYU Suicides is slated to begin this Summer, but there's no information on where or when. I've put an email in to the filmmaker, and when I hear more I'll pass it along to you.
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