Oliver Stone admits that he was seriously hurt by the beating accorded to his epic Alexander, starring accidental porn-star Colin Farrell. That's why Stone has completely recut the film for its upcoming DVD release. "I'm not running away from the original, which I loved, but the derision was really devastating," he told the Los Angeles Times. "Fortunately, films are now like paintings, permitting for several drafts." Though he admits the cuts were necessary to strengthen a "weak third act", he defends the spirit of the original version: "One critic described Alexander as 'David Lean in hell' because it defies all the conventions of the genre," he said. "We presented an antihero full of flaws — too many, some said. This certainly wasn't Braveheart." So Stone cut out 18 minutes, put 9 back in, and is shipping it out in two DVD sets: one will include the theatrical version and the recut with commentary, the other will include all of that plus three behind-the-scenes documentaries shot by Stone's 20 year-old son Sean.
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