Mia Farrow testified for Roman Polanski today, as part of the libel trial the filmmaker has brought against the publishers of Vanity Fair. Farrow was with Polanski on that fateful night at Elaine's, where he allegedly "inundat[ed] ... a Swedish beauty ... with his Polish charm." As far Farrow remembers it, her Rosemary's Baby director was in no condition that night to seduce: "He started telling me about events in California, what he had gone through, and he got very, very upset," said Farrow, apparently speaking barely above a whisper. "We had ordered our dinner, but we just left the restaurant. He was that upset, and I, too."

Farrow's testimony was full of little details, which shed light on Polanski's state of mind at the time; at one point she retold an anecdote he told her that night, about how his kitten had survived the Manson massacre, and was found roaming the house, tracking through blood. When questioned about Polanski's admission that he'd had sex with various women as early as one month after wife Sharon Tate's murder, Farrow said, "I feel there's a big distinction, especially for a man, between relationships and having sex. I could never pass judgment if someone in that frame of mind seeks comfort in any way that does not harm anyone."
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