• Kate Hudson has joined Joe and Anthony Russo's Me, You and Dupree. She'll star opposite Owen Wilson as a newlywed frustrated by a houseguest that won't leave.
  • Brian Lowry has been going to Comic Con for 30 years. Ponder that for a second, and then listen to his thoughts on how things have changed: "[It's] a now-sprawling event demonstrating just how far Hollywood has come in mastering how to address comics, sci-fi and fantasy devotees in their own lingo, which falls somewhere between classic Variety "slanguage" and Jodie Foster's character in Nell."
  • 15 DVD titles have crossed the $100 million mark this year - as opposed to ten theatrical releases - yet overall, business isn't growing, and rentals are significantly down. So much for the DVD-is-killing-theatrical theory.
  • Paramount Shake-up Item of the Day: Motion Picture Group exec Bruce Tobey is leaving the studio to "pursue other opportunities". Translate *that* any way you'd like...
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