Finally -- someone's gotten wise to the fact that Nicole Kidman is pushing forty. The Oscar winning actress has been dropped from Pay the Girl, Paramount's Heidi Fleiss pic, for being too old. Fleiss herself told MSBNC that Hilary Swank, seven years younger than Kidman at age 31, has been handed the role. The former madam/jailbird/victim of Tom Sizemore's coked-up "love" proceded to dish out the crazy:

"[Kidman would] have to play a 22-year-old, and she's nearly 40," Fleiss said. "I think she's amazing and could play a 22-year-old or whatever she wanted, but they said 'How about Hilary Swank?' and I said, great, fine, whoever. I would have said great, fine, whoever, if they had said Roseanne Barr. I stopped paying attention because I'm focusing on my future, not my past."

Meanwhile, Kidman's people insist their gal didn't want the part anyway.
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