Our friends at Blogging Baby picked up on this, the British Film Institute's list of the 50 Films children should see by the time they hit their teens. It's an interesting venture, and to my mind there are two really different things going on here: there's the question of films that are "appropriate" for the under 14 set, and films that should be shown to kids for the purpose of arts education.

An argument could be made, for instance, that in order to be allowed rent space on this planet, all humans should have to see Jacques Tati's Playtime by a certain age; however, I'm pretty sure that age isn't 14. Plus, the inclusion of some of these titles is just subversive to the point of comedy: Where is the Friend's Home?, part of Abbas Kiarostami's turtle-slow trilogy about life in contemporary, working-class Iran, has kids in it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's for kids, or that there's even any reason why kids "should" or "need" to watch it. Both of these examples, I think, are films that should be seen, and could be watched by children, but would benefit from being seen at an older age. Of the suggestions made by Blogging Baby's readers, I definitely think Casablanca fits in the same category. Or maybe it's just that the idea of an eight year old wandering around doing a Humphrey Bogart impression makes me a little sick.
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