• Colin Farrell gets his ex-girlfriend restrained. At least until August 10, when they'll meet again in court.
  • Brad Pitt is already back to "work", a week after being diagnosed with viral meningitis. Yesterday he attended a luncheon for the Hollywood Foreign Press, the kids who throw the Golden Globe Awards.
  • Tommy Lee has been going around telling everyone he's about to marry Pamela Anderson for the third time, but Pammy insists those reports are untrue: "There is absolutely no truth to the recent tabloid reports Tommy Lee and I are engaged and getting married. I have two beautiful children with Tommy and I will continue to be close friends and supportive of him."
  • Madonna trots out her Jackie O complex by trotting out her old clothes - she's sending her collection of costumes on tour: "I've kept everything - the "Like A Virgin" dress, pieces that (Jean-Paul) Gaultier made for the Blonde Ambition tour, all the costumes from all of my shows, all the dancers' costumes ... My goal is a travelling exhibit, like the Jackie Kennedy show." [vi jossip]
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