A couple of days ago, we passed along the gossip that Paul Thomas Anderson has been a little bit more than just a casual guest on the set of Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion. In an extensive on-set report filed for the St. Paul Pioneer Press [free reg. required], Chris Hewitt passes along a few more details. Anderson and his pregnant girlfriend, Maya Rudolph, have been associated with the project for over a year, and whilst some of the film's stars (the Streeps, the Lohans) swooped into St. Paul, shot their scenes and promptly left town, the couple is there for the long haul. Rudolph is playing the "assistant stage manager"; Anderson "has no official title, but he works mostly with Altman and the actors, and his director's chair is labeled 'Pinch Hitter'." Also of note: several people on set take pains to point out how Lindsay Lohan "knocked [her musical number] out of the park". [via MCNindie]
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