Before anyone could say, "where's the next installment of The Polanski Report, Karina?" the libel trial brought by said fugitive against Conde Nast has ended in victory for the Oscar winning director of The Pianist. Roman Polanski was awarded 50,000 pounds, or about $87,000, plus $300,000 in court costs, by a unanimous jury after 4.5 hours of deliberation. Probably needless to say, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter is pissed. Questioned by the media after the verdict, Carter said that he found it "outrageous that this story is considered defamatory, given the fact that Mr. Polanski cannot be here because he slept with a 13-year-old girl a quarter of a century ago." "Nevertheless," he went on to snark, "It was interesting to see the wheels of British justice move, and I wish Mr. Polanski well, and we have a magazine to put out," he added. No details yet on how Carter and cronies will alter their now officially libelous ways.
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