Note: This review was contributed by Deidre Woollard. Though new to Cinematical, Deidre will be familiar to frequent Weblogs, Inc spelunkers as the editor of Luxist.

Last Tuesday I attended Creative Screenwriting Magazine's screening and Q & A for The Devil's Rejects. Rob Zombie's second movie bears little resemblance to the first even though it is essentially a sequel, picking up the story of the murderous Firefly family as they try to elude a sheriff with a grudge. But where Zombie's first movie House of 1000 Corpses was more of a stylized continuation of his music videos, a chaotic gorefest set to pounding music, this movie holds to a linear narrative. That doesn't mean that Zombie has scrimped on the gore, in fact this movie may be bloodier than the first and there are certain scenes that are rather intense. It isn't as much as horror movie as it is a road movie, perhaps a super-bloodied version of Smokey And The Bandit or Vanishing Point.  

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