Justin Long, Ryan ReynoldsAs someone who worked in restaurants for over 12 years, let me tell you that from the looks of the trailer, Waiting is one of the very, very few movies to get the restaurant biz right on the money. Consider all these things you see in the movie that I can personally vouch for happening at places I've worked:

  • Food falling on the kitchen floor and being put on the customer's plate anyway - check.
  • A cook blowing a snot into a bitchy customer's plate - check.
  • Coworkers having sex in the stockroom - check.
  • After hours drinking - check

This looks like a typical teen comedy with the usual cast of characters (it stars Ryan Reynolds from Van Wilder, John Daley from Freaks and Geeks, and Justin Long from Ed), but one that also happens to be funny. There's just something inherently funny about restaurant work anyway: the turnover of employees, having to deal with annoying customers who want their food juuuuuust right, the inane manager, all that free food and booze. I'm actually looking forward to this movie.