The studio estimates for Friday's box office numbers are in, and they tell a pretty interesting story so far. As of yesterday, none of this week's four wide-ish releases - Hustle and Flow, The Devil's Rejects, Bad News Bears, and The Island - had been able to topple last week's top two films, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wedding Crashers. And it's not even close. It's come down like this: Chocolate made $9 million on Friday, Wedding $7.7 million. The number three film for the day was Michael Bay's clone-farm saga, which only closed $4.4 million. Richard Linklater's Bad News Bears was just behind with $4,2 million. As for Rejects and Hustle, they clocked in at sixth and seventh place for the day, with $3.1 and $2.7 million, respectively. It should be noted that Rob Zombie's film opened on just over half as many screens as Linklater's or Bay's. Craig Brewer's Hustle flowed into just 1,000 sites, but a $2,700 per-screen one-day average does not exactly an indie sleeper sensation make.

Will any of this weekend's new releases pull out the stops and pull off a victory by the end of the weekend? Check back tomorrow for weekend-wide estimates.