• More reportage from the set of A Prairie Home Companion means another attempt to explain exactly what Paul Thomas Anderson is doing there. PTA himself can always be relied on for irritating quippage: "Whatever chef is going to take credit for it, it is going to be a very spicy dish that I will be more than happy to dine on," Mr. Anderson said.
  • That Jean Renoir's The River is "one of the most beautiful movies ever made," says A.O. Scott, "is not so much a critical judgment as the recognition of a mathematical truth."
  • As Bollywood filmmakers retread classics from the American socio-sexual canon (remember Disclosure?), Indian actresses are struggling to adopt new, sexually aggressive identities.
  • Julie Checkoway has spent three years documenting artist Billy Pappas, who spent ten years drawing a single pencil portrait of Marilyn Monroe. He's not sure he's comfortable about that.
  • In what I think is a first, the Times has Michael Bay do one of there Audio Slide Shows, complete withe storyboards and on-set photos, on Directing an Action Scene.
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